Deck Staining

Deck staining projects, on most occasions require pressure washing of the surface to clean it from dirt, tree sap or from old previously applied stain.

After good drying period, usually 2-5 days in good weather we proceed with the application of exterior stain, that serves as the color agent and the sealer in one. As you probably know there are many different types of stains on the market today as far as clear, semi-transparent and solid color. During the estimate we will discuss your needs and recommend a type of stain that is best suited for your project. Besides deck staining we often stain fences and siding.

Interior staining - trim, baseboards, paneling, doors, windows and more.

Just like exterior, the interior staining also requires some preparation before the application of the stain. Wood surfaces almost always need at least some degree of sanding, than it can be stained and lastly it is finished with the application of the polyurethane or varnish as a top coat - to protect wood and the color of the stain.